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2nd  9:07  9:58
3rd 10:02 10:53
4th 10:57 11:48
Lunch / Advisory 11:48  1:18
5th  1:18  2:09
6th  2:13  3:04
7th  3:08  4:00
7th Lunch 11:48 12:18
7th Advisory 12:18  1:14
6th Advisory 11:52 12:18
6th Lunch 12:18 12:48
6th Advisory 12:48  1:14
8th Advisory 11:52 12:48
8th Lunch 12:48  1:18


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Important Dates

August 29th & 31st BCMS Registration
August 30th Free Immunization Clinic - BCMS 8-11:30 am
August 30th BCMS - Grade 6 - Transition Day - 8-11:30 am
September 5th First Day Of School - Welcome Back!
September 11th Back To School Night - 5-8 pm
October 5th & 6th No School - State In-Service


Miles' Monitor


Principal, David Miles II


Summer has begun for Boundary County Middle School!

Summer is now upon us here at BCMS. We have had a great time this year and ended with lots of activities and awards. Let’s take some time to recognize the many great students, programs, and activities we ended with at BCMS.

This year’s recipient of the President’s Award for Educational Excellence was Regina Claphan. She was one of several 8th grade students who maintained a 4.0 all through middle school. Regina had the highest ISAT scores from that list of students.

Mrs. Hanna’s Playing Test award was given to Jordan Freeman-Jehn. He earned this award by playing the most songs by himself without mistakes.

May’s Citizens of the Month for the trait of respect were Emma Lucas (6th), Brady Hinthorn (7th), Ella Huggins (8th), and Mr. Bonnell (staff). Citizens of the month are chosen by vote of the staff.

BCMS hosted a talent show recently. With lots of very talented middle school students it was a tough call to declare the winners. The judges were a panel of 3 students, 1 from each grade level, and scored the various acts on a 1-10 scale. The groups/acts with the most points were declared the winners and each group/act placing received $25. This years’ winners were: 3rd place – the gymnastics routine of Marianne Pinkerton, Lexi Maas, Eika Willis, and Kelly Moellmer; 2nd place – the comedy act of Jaden Byars and Alena Oyler; 1st place – the singing performance of Emma Pinkerton and Aleah Jones.

Elections were held for 8th graders to determine next years’ student council officers. The results were: Media Officer – Alisa Hannaman, Treasurer – Ally Martin, Secretary – Jacob Clark, Vice-President – Emmet Melior, President – Mallory McLeish.

Fifteen 8th grade students became discovery members of the high school FFA. Sierra Hill, Jack Romero, Richard Rossi, Marianne Pinkerton, Lillian Merritt, Mallory McLeish, Sadie Hill, Mateya Falck, Avery Pluid, Sydnee Blevins, Jenyka Regehr, Rikki Cowin, Macenzie Brown, Kylie Underhill, and Natalie Adams. With this many discovery degrees awarded we became one of the largest discovery programs in the state.

Reality Town was once again successful. Thanks to many volunteers and the coordination of Mr. Garrison, 8th grade students were able to get jobs and spend some time living life from a financial standpoint. They earned money from their jobs, payed bills, and tried to determine the best choices to have money left at the end of each month. It looked like fun and a great learning experience.

Eighth grade students also enjoyed the 8th Grade Olympics, 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 8th Grade Promotion Dance, 8th Grade trip to Silverwood along with final benchmark tests during their last days of school. I bet they are both excited and worried to be moving on to the high school.

Seventh grade students enjoyed their annual boat races at Snow Creek and some down time along with benchmark testing during their last days of school. They will now be the seasoned veterans of the middle school when they return next year.

Sixth grade students enjoyed a field trip to the Wildlife Refuge and Fairgrounds before participating in the egg drop. They now have a year down in the books and should be ready for academic push next year.

Our final band concert of the year went great with several students recognized for band achievements and awards.

Our final choir concert also went well with many people in the auditorium to hear students sing.

Our track team ended very successful with all teams getting first in their divisions except one, who managed to still get 2nd place. We were proud of their hard work this year.

Ag science ended their class by planting some apple trees on the property. I can’t wait to eat some of the apples they produce in the near future.

Some art Students recently had the privilege of visiting Gizmo, in Coeur d Alene, where they learned about Automata. Using ingenuity along with cranks and cams they made creations with moving parts.

Free sports physicals will be offered at the Outpatient Clinic of Boundary Community Hospital on August 1st from 5-7pm.

Registration for BCMS will be August 29th and 31st.

Free immunization clinic at BCMS on Wednesday, August 30th from 8-1130.

Sixth Transition Day at BCMS on Wednesday, August 30th from 8-1130.

Back to School Night will be September 11th from 5-8pm.

School starts again on September 5th. We will see you then!




6577 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

Mr. David Miles II, Principal

Phone   208.267.5852

Fax   208.267.8099

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